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Press Release: FRAGO Gear Launches TheGoRack

SALT LAKE CITY, June 26, 2019 – FRAGO Gear (https://www.fragogear.com/) today announced the immediate availability of TheGoRack, a patent pending, portable storage rack created by veterans to solve gear safety issues and store personnel and tactical gear.

TheGoRack was designed by veterans, is military tested and soldier approved to be ready at a moment’s notice. It can hold more than 175 pounds and is made of durable aluminum that is able to withstand the elements while not putting wear and tear on the individual’s expensive equipment. It’s big enough and strong enough to securely hold a weapon, a helmet, tactical vest with body armor, a rucksack, mask, water source, gloves, and other items. TheGoRack has been designed to fold into a relatively compact format to fit into its own tough ballistic nylon bag.  Folded, TheGoRack is lightweight (seven pounds) and easy to transport. Unfolded it’s ready to go to work and help organize sometimes chaotic situations.

Johnny Sanchez is a Master Sergeant and a 38-year veteran of the Army. Over the course of his career one of the most frustrating aspects of deployments has been the lack of organization and storage for his gear. For Sanchez and others, the only real place to put their gear has been in a pile on the floor next to their cots where they routinely get wet, or filled with dirt, sand, rodents and insects.

Fed up with the hassle of storing his gear, Sanchez reached out to his brother Jesse for support. Jesse is a master metal worker and listened to his younger brother’s needs. After gathering input, Jesse went to work creating a “rack” that would meet the rigorous demands of Johnny’s military service.

“The first opportunity I had to use TheGoRack was during a 27 day field exercise. When I set it up, the other soldiers in my unit immediately asked, where did you get that, and how do I get one,” said Johnny. “I reached out to Jesse and told him I needed more for my team and we went to work immediately constructing additional racks. After applying for a patent we began selling them to other soldiers. Since then, we are now providing them to military personnel, and also first responders, gun and hunting enthusiasts, and the general public.”

After seeing and using TheGoRack, prominent military officer said, “Our soldiers in the field need quick access to their gear 24/7/365 and it’s my belief that TheGoRack should be standard issue to all military personnel.”

For more information about TheGoRack or to purchase one now, visit https://www.fragogear.com/.


FRAGO Gear is the creator of TheGoRack, a storage rack for personal and tactical gear that was designed by veterans, is military tested and soldier approved to be ready at a moment’s notice. FRAGO Gear is a disabled veteran small business. For more information visit https://www.fragogear.com/.