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"This is a must have item for me, it strengthens my ability to be ready at a moment’s notice as well as it puts my mind at ease knowing that I have all of my gear secure, organized, clean and ready to go. When it rained during my last field exercise and water got inside my tent I didn’t have to worry about my gear getting wet, it stayed dry and off the ground. True Warriors will agree and understand that hope is not a strategy and luck is not a skill. So take action and get yourself “TheGoRack” make it happen.”

SGM Veal


The rack is telescopic and can adjust to different heights depending on what you plan to hang. The rack itself was able to support all of my field gear, weapon and other bags (approximately 85lbs) and could easily hold three times more, all while keeping it organized and easily accessible, freeing up space in the tent. Additional benefits are that it’s lightweight and takes up little space when collapsed, and offers the ability to secure a weapon. Top bars and legs lock in place with a simple twist. The locking function is easy to use and seems fairly durable for long-term use.

When I'm not using this, I just fold it up and stick it in a closet, but really could put be put almost anywhere. I look forward to using this for a long time to come.

SSG Kirk


TheGoRack is a lightweight heavy duty workhorse. During my last field exercise not only did it keep my gear dry and off the ground, but also organized; a secured one-stop shop on the ready. A must-have for military personnel and first responders, both in the field and in garrison.

MSG Rodriguez