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Our Story



While in the military for nearly 40 years and all of the field exercises that my wife and I have participated in, there was never a place to put our gear except next to us on the ground. This is, of course, includes when I was deployed to Afghanistan.

I’ve spoken to many soldiers about this same issue of how our gear gets lost, misplaced, and at times mistakenly grabbed by other Soldiers. This can especially happen when sirens are going off, mortars are coming in or when you see/hear gunfire. Identifying and collecting all of your gear in the chaos while confined in a small area like a tent with numerous Soldiers can be close to impossible.

When we aren't having to be in hurry-mode, our belongings are still vulnerable to natural surroundings like rodents and insects. With this happening in our lives, I knew I needed to come up with a solution to keep our gear organized, clean and easily accessible.

I wanted to design a rack to withstand the elements as well as be durable, all the while not putting wear and tear on the equipment. I wanted it to be able to hold and secure a weapon. The rack needed to be easily assembled and collapsible in seconds, to be able to attach to a rucksack with or without a bag, and be easily transported without any loose parts.

As I came across these ideas and received feedback from other Soldiers, I knew I needed to contact my inventive brother because of his welding and metal fabrication expertise. We came up with “TheGoRack.” We constructed a number of prototypes with different materials to conclude that aluminum would provide the best durability and lightweight body style. We continued to speak with military personnel, first responders and law enforcement and ended up with the current body structure.

We have designed the perfect rack for all personnel/tactical gear, ready at a moment’s notice to hold and withstand over +200 pounds distributed evenly and it comes in a durable custom carrying bag. Our rack is lightweight (7 lbs.) and easy to transport when you are on the go.

We now have the ability to provide Individuals, Soldiers and Frontline Leaders with a quality piece of equipment to place their gear and to have it ready at a moment’s notice. “It’s a must have” item to keep your gear organized and clean.


Johnny & Jesse Sanchez